The Exchange in Kelowna's North End - Unique Office and Retail Spaces for lease
Unique Office & Retail Spaces

Put Down Roots in Kelowna’s North End

The Exchange’s transitional context between the Downtown Urban Centre and the North End of Kelowna makes it unique. It celebrates this by embracing its industrial history and context while integrating modern mixed use buildings. Businesses have a unique opportunity to highlight their company and put down roots in an office/retail development that doesn’t blend in with the competition.

Leasing Opportunities

Rediscover the North End

Old aerial view of the Kelowna Growers Exchange, now home to The Exchange
Looking Back

The Kelowna Growers Exchange (KGE) was established in 1913 in Kelowna’s North End. Their objective was simple – support the growing, buying and selling of local agriculture products. In truth, however, this bustling hive was about so much more than just packing and selling fruit.

The KGE was about the meeting of like-minded individuals who shared a passion for local, authentic, and an appreciation for everything the Okanagan Valley had to offer.

These values align with the vision behind The Exchange.

The Exchange in Kelowna's North End location map
Looking Forward

The North End of Downtown Kelowna is currently being revitalized. Faction Projects Inc. believes that The Exchange is extremely well located and primed to capitalize on the renaissance taking place in this neighbourhood. The Exchange is attracting a new batch of businesses and professionals who share a passion for local and the desire to be located in a genuine and amenity rich commercial community.

Bustling with Opportunity

The Exchange Neighbourhood

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  1. Waterfront Park
  2. Rotary Marsh
  3. Tugboat Beach
  4. Delta Grand
  5. Play Time Casino
  6. Discovery Bay
  7. Dolphins Kelowna
  8. Sunset Park
  9. Waterscapes
  10. Tolko Mill
  11. Prospera Place
  12. BNA Brewing Co.
  13. Sutherland Bay Park
  14. Train Station Pub
  15. Kelowna Curling Rink
  1. Elks Stadium
  2. RCMP Station
  3. Knox Mountain Park
  4. 1241 Water Street
  5. 1151 Sunset Drive
  6. One Water Street
  7. Ellis Parc
  8. St. Paul
  9. 1193 St. Paul Street
  10. Clement Avenue Rentals
  11. Richter Street
  12. The Lodges
  13. Powerhouse
  14. Clement Business Park
  15. Telus Office/Yard
Preview of Office space for lease at The Exchange in Kelowna
Leasing at The Exchange

A Modern
Office Environment

The Exchange is located between Knox Mountain and the downtown core in the transitioning North End. It is a diverse development in a location where the community chooses to spend their free time and where office workers engage with their surroundings. The mixed use mass timber buildings offer a unique opportunity to leverage the rich history of the area through the inclusion of attractive and contextually sensitive buildings that exceed today’s performance standards and ideals.

Lease at Exchange
Preview of Retail space available at The Exchange in Kelowna
Business Opportunities

An Emerging
Retail District

The modern consumer has an unquenchable thirst for a meaningful and authentic experience. In an age of online shopping and the decline of the big box store, successful retail needs to be revolutionary and that means giving people what they didn’t even know they wanted. Today’s consumer is looking for more than just a cup of coffee. They want to experience community, artisanal process and a sense of belonging. At The Exchange, consumers will walk through an active collection of unique retail oriented businesses that have a vested interest in building their community.

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